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This part is under construction too, but heres a bit to get started.


There is a lot involved about being Pro A. There are many difficult parts, but my friends and I like to think of it as a lifestyle, like many others will tell you.

It all depends on your perspective: how you were brought up, how much self esteem you have, and the way you see life in general. BTW, let's clear one thing right now: by "self esteem", what I'm saying is how much you take pride in your body and the way you treat it. Of course, many people try to contradict me by giving me the bit about how being Pro A. means you have "no self esteem". HAHAHAAA...Not at all! You are essentially learning to have more self control, and eventually you will learn to love your body if you can maintain that kind of control. D: Don't be fooled by the models, my friends! They warn you that if you choose this lifestyle, you'll never be satisfyed. LIES!!! Well actually, they do feel a lot more pressure and most models are never satisfied. But if you're the average person striving to fit into those kickass [too tight] jeans or cute bikini by summer, you can RELAX. Trust me, once you've reached your goals, you will be satisfied. :) Just keep going at it, and above all things, know this: If you become a master of Ana, then no harm can come to you or others.

Here are the basics!

1: Never have more than a cup of food per serving! Your stomach will expand and make your stomach area more puffy. Also, because of the extra room, it takes more food to feel full the next time you eat.

2: It takes 12 hours for your body to begin feeding off your fat supply! Seriously! But before you begin fasting, you may want to get more info that could make or break your plans in the Fasting section.

3: Sleep on your left side. It speeds up digestion!

4: Tums are your pocket buddies! =D They help fight the same acids that hurt your stomach and make it hungry, too.

5: Brush teeth with a toothpaste flavor that lingers or is a bit nasty so you won't feel like eating those unecessary snacks after meals. After all, you should feel fine after a meal anyways...They ARE your snacks now, practically!

6: Another one is to lick soap. This sounds quite disgusting, but it really helps you remember why you don't want to eat in the first Try sugarless gum, too.

7: Drink water, water, water!!! As much as possible without killing yourself! Think about it. Even with flavor packets, there's hardly any calories, and it helps flush those cravings out of your system. OK, try this: You are a vampire. You can't live without blood [er, water] yet you can't eat anything else without DYING! Uh, sunlight=food! Blood=water! Hehe.

8: Lower your temperature! Your body will try to raise your warmth, which burns calories.

9: Try to become a vegatarian, or better yet, vegan! This is one of the most helpful things I have done yet to get to my goal. [I'm vegetarian.] Meat might be yummy sounding, but honestly, it has so much crap in it. It's like eating blobs of fat. If you're concerned about protein, take supplements, or better yet, eat tons of veggies which are very low cal, but high in essential vitamins and such! And here's a plus-you'll be promoting anti-animal cruelty along with getting a great body! :)

Breakfast Tips:

You must eat breakfast above all other meals. First of all, you burn it off when you move around the rest of the day. Secondly, heres a scary thing: Sumo wrestlers skip breakfast because the physics of doing so give you weight gain...D: ewww. Thirdly, it raises your metabolism, hence the term 'break fast'.

Lunch: Obviously this is not at all hard to pull off, skipping-wise. Most of your friends probably don't eat anyways. You'll get more out of not buying that greasy cardboard pizza then if you less fat cells, for example!!! Buy yourself something cool at the end of the month [not foooood!] with the money you earned. Definetly don't eat it unless you're in front of people. So, if you're alone on the weekend afternoon, DON'T TOUCH IT! Haha...

Dinner: Drink all your water, than spit out food into the empty cup [if the cup is not clear or shallow]. In a dark or inconspicuous dining setting, put food in your napkin or a little hidden bag when people arenít looking. Request what you have to eat, if it's possible. If itís completely impossible to avoid eating, take away more calories the next day from what you normally would have eaten. Or excersise it off, but who actually likes having to do that? :P Besides, that doesn't magically just make it all go away. It builds muscle.

Doctorís office:

*Wear heavier clothes when they weigh big shoes/belt buckles, etc.

*Eat a banana right before for potassium. They suspect you of dieting when they see a loss of potassium from your diet, but of course, there's always the supplements again.

*Say youíve been feeling sick earlier so you couldnít eat too much.

*Get more then 6 hours of sleep a night! Less then said makes your metabolism a lot slower then next day and your cravings are huge.

*Get lunch in the form of 100 cal bars, like South Beath Diet ones. Personally I like the choco ones for lunch. :3

*Packets of water flavorer, but watch out for hidden fatties! Actually green tea or black coffee is really good too, cuz it boosts your caffiene and has few calories.

*Pills! Caffiene, laxatives, energy, vitamins, whatever you need!

*Boca burgers, chicken patties, & bean patties are some good alternatives for dinner. They're usually about 90 calories and are meatless.

*Kiwis, apples, bananas, & oranges are great! They're negative calories.

If you'd like to contact me with problems, questions, concerns, etc, hit me up at If you're considering hate mail, just get off this site right now. You'll be making a bitch of an enemy if we cross paths like that.


Cheers and good luck!